Luni, 23 August 2021 06:36

Consistent with the Withdrawal Agreement obligations, as of 1 December 2020 the Romanian Government launched a new registration scheme for UK nationals covered by the said Agreement i.e. UK nationals who were resident in Romania before 31 December 2020, and continued to live here after this date. Consequently UK nationals who are Withdrawal Agreement beneficiaries who want to continue living in Romania have to apply for the new corresponding status and residence documents.

If you fall under this category, please note that you need to register with the General Inspectorate for Immigration in order to preserve your residency rights, even if you already hold a valid registration certificate or residence card. In order to apply for your new residence document, you are kindly requested to provide the necessary supporting documents and personally submit your application, until 31 of December 2021, to the territorial office of the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

For further information about the conditions of registration for the status under the Withdrawal Agreement and the necessary supporting documents to apply for the new residence document, kindly check the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs or the General Inspectorate for Immigration at www.mai.gov.ro or http://igi.mai.gov.ro/en/content/brexit 

Best regards
Territorial Inspectorate of Labor, Harghita county

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